My Bolivia
Viaje Peru Bolivia Brasil
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Peru, Bolivia, Chile 2011
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Pedro – Sucre, Bolivia 2015
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Viagem Chile Bolivia Peru
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Kallawayas 2012 (Bolivia) – Eclat Likes: 2 Viewed: 395 source Read more
Bolivia Francia Peru Suiza

Bolivia Francia Peru Suiza

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Anniversaire Andy – avril 2017 Likes: 1 Viewed: 54 source Read more
Just Keep Breathing | Bolivia
Our three day adventure in the Bolivian Altiplano, starting at the Salar de Uyuni and going south, through the Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa, all the way to the Chilean border. With every breath, we saw nature in its most un-touched state, at altitudes that far exceed... Read more
Let’s go llamas: Bolivia and northern Chile
Our Bolivian and Chilean adventure. Including El Choro trek, Sucre, La Paz, Salar de Uyuni, Eduardo Avaroa national reserve, Torotoro, Lauca national park & Arica. Music by El Búho – listen to the full song here Likes: 3 Viewed: 115 source Read more
Justin ft. Miss Bolivia

Justin ft. Miss Bolivia

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Peru&Bolivia | Travel 2016

Peru&Bolivia | Travel 2016

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