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SOUTHAMERICA TRIP 2017 – DRONE – Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Peru
12000kms 4 Countries 40 Days Likes: 3 Viewed: 39 source Read more
Salar de Uyuni and Southwestern Circuit, Bolivia  烏尤尼鹽湖及西南路線。玻利維亞
Bolivia’s Southwestern Circuit is the most visited protected natural area in Bolivia, normally refers to area covered by the Eduardo Abaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve (Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Abaroa) and Uyuni Salt Pan (Salar de Uyuni), both situated in the far southwestern region of Bolivia. Travellers... Read more
The Inca Empire: Peru & Bolivia
A backpack journey through the old Inca Empire: Peru and Bolivia. The Inca Empire was centered around highlands of the Andes mountain range with highlights like the city of Machu Picchu, one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Gear: Nikon D53000, GoPro Hero 3+ & iPhone 6s... Read more
The Death Road, Downhill Mountain Bike Ride – Bolivia
At one time legitimately considered the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, these days this 5 hour downhill mountain bike ride is more about entertaining tourists than it is about life and death transportation. Either way, it’s an amazing amount of fun to bike continuously downhill for 5 hours. By no... Read more
La Paz, Bolivia 拉巴斯, 玻利維亞
At an elevation of roughly 3700 m above sea level, La Paz is the highest capital city, or more accurate, the highest seat of government, in the world. The city is built in a canyon created by the Choqueyapu River (now mostly built over), which runs northwest to southeast.... Read more
24 Hours in La Paz | Bolivia Vlog
We have made it to a brand new country here in South America – Bolivia! First stop is the city of La Paz where Stephen celebrates his birthday and we explore some of the many things you can see, do and eat here in La Paz! Epic Peru, Bolivia... Read more


Videos October 6, 2018 0

This video was shot on our last trip to Bolivia, in May this year. Music by La Corporación, Photography by Fabian Garcilita, Editing by André Bretón. Likes: 4 Viewed: 277 source Read more
Backpacking in Bolivia

Backpacking in Bolivia

Videos October 4, 2018 0

A trip around Bolivia in 2013. The experience of crossing the Atacama desert from the border between Chile and Bolivia till Uyuni Salt Flats, followed by awesome places like Titicaca Lake, Isla del Sol, Copacabana and La Paz. Equipment: Canon 60D (EFS 18-200mm Lens) GoPro Hero 3 Silver Editon... Read more
Backpacking Boliiva at a glance 2016
Backpacking Boliiva at a glance 2016 View Reddit by av9901 – View Source Read more
Bolivia 玻利維亞

Bolivia 玻利維亞

Videos August 21, 2018 0

first, climb the little hill at Copacabana to get the panoramic view of Lake titicaca tracing the origin of Inca in the Isla de Sol and Isla de Luna, exploring the hidden treasure of Tiwanaku moving uphill and downhill in the world’s highest capital La Paz getting lost in... Read more

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