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Bolivia: Cinnamon Ice Cream
Helado de Canela: Cinnamon Ice Cream Street food culture in Bolivia is highly complex and of profound social significance for the Bolivian people. For many vendors, this trade has been passed down for generations. Street vendors set up shop with often sophisticated and clever operations, serving up tasty Bolivian... Read more
La Paz, Bolivia Travel Guide: Things to see & do!
La Paz is known as the HIGHEST capital in the WORLD, at 12,000 ft above sea level. Here are a few things to do, eat, and see in La Paz, Bolivia to give you a taste of this South American city in the mountains! Quirks mentioned: → Mi Teleférico,... Read more
Gravity Bolivia

Gravity Bolivia

Videos December 1, 2018 0

It’s called the world’s most dangerous road. Meet the tour operators that are making high-speed downhill adventure mountain biking on Bolivia’s infamous “death road” a must-do activity for adventure enthusiasts and daredevils alike. This film was filmed in partnership with Gravity Bolivia ( GLP Films Founded in 2008, GLP... Read more

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