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Bolivia South America’s primary mountain range, the Andes, attains one of its widest points in Bolivia. Here the Andes are divided into two subranges, Cordillera Oriental and Cordillera Occidental. Peaks in these areas are in excess of 20,000 feet. Between these subranges lies the Altiplano which contains the highest navigable…

Why could LITHIUM be a LOST CHANCE for BOLIVIA? – VisualPolitik EN
Lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table. It’s value has been multiplied by 10 in the last two decades alone. And it’s demand doesn’t stop growing. Between 60 and 80% of the world’s known reserves are in an area called the LITHIUM TRIANGLE. This is an area... Read more
Bolivia’s Rising Indigenous Bourgeoisie | FT Wealth
â-ºSubscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Bolivia has long been associated with poverty. But the tide is turning, and buildings constructed in the style of the ‘New Andean architecture’ are an increasingly visible sign of that change. The FT’s Andres Schipani reports. â-º FT World News: â-º FT... Read more
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BEYOND NATURE II – Bolivia & Chile Timelapse
BEYOND NATURE II – Bolivia & Chile Timelapse BEYOND NATURE I – Iceland Timelapse – Music : clouds and contrails by Davis Harwell – Samsung Galaxy NX30 / 12-24 / 30 / 50-200mm – – aprilgarden Film (4월의 정원 필름) – Likes: 2491 Viewed: 221830... Read more
Evo Morales Pushes Bolivia Towards Dictatorship
Bolivian president, Evo Morales, is looking for a re-election. If he wins, this will be his 4th term as president. Read more
How Used Clothing Became Illegal in Bolivia
In this scene from STATES OF UNDRESS, Hailey learns of the illegal used clothing market and how it came to exist in Bolivia. WATCH NEXT: The Struggles of Being Trans in Thailand – Subscribe Now: Follow VICELAND: | https:// VICE Video | Full Uncensored Episodes on iTunes:... Read more
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Uyuni – Bolivia

Uyuni – Bolivia

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Bolivia is our neighboring Country, but this is my firt time there. I’m leaving for Iceland in June and Croatia in July, so I asked to myself…Why don’t you visit your neighborhood ?….And now I’m very glad to say that I did it !!!….Bolivia has a lot to offer.... Read more
VIAJE A BOLIVIA (Parte 1) | Raulalejo
Fuimos parte del Festival Internacional del Humor, aquí la primera parte del viaje. Read more
This documentary shows the Bolivian Altiplano, a different place! See more about this filmmaker: Read more

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