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Bolivia’s Child Laborers

Bolivia’s Child Laborers

Videos February 24, 2019 0

In 1936, George Orwell visited a coal mine in Grimethorpe, England. “The place is like… my own mental picture of hell,” he wrote of the experience. “Most of the things one imagines in hell are there—heat, noise, confusion, darkness, foul air, and, above all, unbearably cramped space.” Orwell was... Read more
The Cholita Climbers of Bolivia Scale Mountains in Skirts
“Cholitas” are Bolivian women with indigenous heritage known for their colorful attire, round top hats and ornate earrings. In the world’s highest capital city of La Paz, Bolivia, 11 Cholitas are on a mission to overcome sexism and discriminatory attitudes and climb mountains in their traditional garb. Led by... Read more
Vol.6 Salar de Uyuni, BOLIVIA “Uyuni Salt Lake, A Day in Rainy Season”
The sunrise, the starry sky or any moment at Uyuni Salt Lake in the rainy season, I’ve been completely blown out. Staring at the horizon all day and contemplating, I feel the mysterious beauty and the ultimate power of nature regardless of human beings. We are nothing in front... Read more
La Sagrada Familia – Bolivia
This is a short film capturing the work of nine nuns who run a residential care home in Oruro, Bolivia. They care for approx. 130 elderly people – many of whom have been abandoned. The home also maintains a farm to provide a fresh supply of meat and vegetables... Read more
CHILE x BOLIVIA // 2012 x 2013 Entre noviembre y diciembre de 2012 Zasinha y Stinkfish, integrantes del Equipo Animal, recorrieron más de 3000 km por tierra entre Santiago de Chile (Chile) y La Paz (Bolivia), visitando en total 10 ciudades. Estas son las memorias de tiempos de carretera... Read more
123 Horas – Documental Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé 2013
123 HORAS es un documental de la Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé®. Fue filmado en 100 horas y editado en 23 horas entre el lunes 19 y viernes 23 de Noviembre, para ser presentado el sábado 24 de Noviembre durante la Ceremonia de Clausura de la BICeBé 2013. 123... Read more
Planeta Bolivia

Planeta Bolivia

Videos April 26, 2018 0

Bolivia es un país maravilloso, de una belleza extraordinaria y de una biodiversidad excepcional, sin embargo el futuro del equilibrio medioambiental del país está en riesgo y lo primero que hay que lograr es que los ciudadanos se enteren de que ese riesgo es inminente, que los preconceptos, ideas... Read more
Redefining Fashion & Architecture in Bolivia: Cholitas y Cholets
Meet the architect transforming Bolivia’s urban landscape with brightly colored, geometric buildings and the “cholitas” bringing indigenous clothing to the forefront of the fashion scene. WATCH NEXT: J’ouvert: Brooklyn’s Dirty Masquerade – Click here to subscribe to VICE: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more:... Read more
Bolivia’s Rising Indigenous Bourgeoisie | FT Wealth
â-ºSubscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Bolivia has long been associated with poverty. But the tide is turning, and buildings constructed in the style of the ‘New Andean architecture’ are an increasingly visible sign of that change. The FT’s Andres Schipani reports. â-º FT World News: â-º FT... Read more

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