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The Death Road, Downhill Mountain Bike Ride – Bolivia
At one time legitimately considered the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, these days this 5 hour downhill mountain bike ride is more about entertaining tourists than it is about life and death transportation. Either way, it’s an amazing amount of fun to bike continuously downhill for 5 hours. By no... Read more
“Death Road” Mountain Biking in Bolivia
Downhill mountain biking for 50kms on Death Road in Bolivia (El Camino del la Muerte). It’s easy to see why this has been named the worlds most dangerous road… Another group had a drunk bus driver and one of the Danish tourists had to drive the bus up this... Read more
Downhill on the Death Road, Bolivia
Downhill on the Death Road, Bolivia – jul/2011 Filmed with a GoPro HD Likes: 9 Viewed: 3055 source Read more
Surviving Bolivia’s Death Road
Likes: 25 Viewed: 11790 source Read more

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