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Prayercast | Bolivia

Prayercast | Bolivia

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Once part of the ancient Incan empire, Bolivia, in central South America, is a land of contrasts and distinctions. This landlocked country’s climate ranges from very cold to warm and steamy as the landscape changes. Two chains of the Andes Mountains in the west surround a vast highland plateau... Read more
Behind Bars: The World’s Toughest Prisons – San Pedro Prison – La Paz, Bolivia (Eps.1)
Imagine a prison so fierce that guards stay outside for fear of their lives. Inside, the prisoners are in control: murderers, violent offenders, drug bosses. The inmates rule and anarchy prevails. Only the strongest survive this lawless place. Read more
How Used Clothing Became Illegal in Bolivia
In this scene from STATES OF UNDRESS, Hailey learns of the illegal used clothing market and how it came to exist in Bolivia. WATCH NEXT: The Struggles of Being Trans in Thailand – Subscribe Now: Follow VICELAND: | https:// VICE Video | Full Uncensored Episodes on iTunes:... Read more
La Paz, Bolivia / City video/ 04.2012/ HD
Some scenes I recorded in April 2012 with a Canon Rebel t2i camera. You can get some impressions about this huge city. Read more

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