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Quadcopter View Flying Over Ancient Megalithic Sites In Peru And Bolivia
I have had the privilege of flying my quadcopter drone over many ancient sites in Peru and Bolivia including Sachsayhuaman, Puma Punku and Ollantaytambo. This 30 minute video shows you aspects of many places that you will have never seen before. Likes: 2 Viewed: 29 source Read more
South: A Backpacking Adventure – Travelling Through Peru, Chile and Bolivia
It’s been almost one full year since returning to Canada from backpacking through South America. Our four and a half month experience through Peru, Bolivia and Chile will forever remain one of our most treasured memories. From dream-like scenery, beautifully challenging hikes, cultural encounters and wonderful new friends, we... Read more
Bolivia’s Rising Indigenous Bourgeoisie | FT Wealth
â-ºSubscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Bolivia has long been associated with poverty. But the tide is turning, and buildings constructed in the style of the ‘New Andean architecture’ are an increasingly visible sign of that change. The FT’s Andres Schipani reports. â-º FT World News: â-º FT... Read more

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