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La Paz, Bolivia – Time Lapse
Directed by/ Director of Photography: James Cooper. Shot on location in La Paz Bolivia on a Canon 5D MKII with a Nikon 16mm wide angle lens. Shot at an altitude of around 13,000ft. Edited by James Cooper. Grade by Dave Hughes at Windmill Lane Pictures, Dublin. Music by Aussie... Read more
La Paz, Bolivia Travel Guide: Things to see & do!
La Paz is known as the HIGHEST capital in the WORLD, at 12,000 ft above sea level. Here are a few things to do, eat, and see in La Paz, Bolivia to give you a taste of this South American city in the mountains! Quirks mentioned: → Mi Teleférico,... Read more
Bolivia’s Child Labor: Exploitation or Tradition? | The New York Times
Bolivian legislation allowing children as young as 10 to work has created a rift between those who support it as Andean tradition and others who condemn it as exploitation. Grab the embed code for this video at Times Video: Produced by: MATHIAS MEIER Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter... Read more
El segundo derrumbe ocurrió el domingo en Caranavi -Noticias de Bolivia 04/02/2019
Dos militares rescataron a un bebe. El segundo derrumbe deja un muerto y 5 heridos Read more
¿REAL o MENTIRA? ¿Te quedas sin aire en La Paz, Bolivia?
Viajamos la Paz, Bolivia una de las ciudades mas altas del mundo. Mucha gente se queda sin oxigeno y tiene que consumir mate de coca para no morir. Read more
ASÍ se GANAN la VIDA los VENEZOLANOS en Bolivia | Socialismo de siglo XXI | favio romero
Cómo se vive en Bolivia siendo Venezolano? Dale clic https:// Instagram—- https:// Read more

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