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BOLIVIA – Adventure South America (engl)
Bolivia is a country of extremes in the heart of South America. Snow-covered mountain tops, dense rain forests and the semi-desert of the Altiplano all jostle for position in the most confined space. Herbert Schwarz and Astrid Neudecker travelled through these fascinating landscapes on lonely trails with their motor... Read more
6000 photos in PERU-BOLIVIA
6000 photos take during a two months trip in Peru and Bolivia. music: Massive Attack, Mezzanine (1998) Likes: 29 Viewed: 1232 source Read more
Bolivia Travel Video: La Paz, Deadliest Road, Tiwanaku, Isla del Sol, Salar de Uyuni, Cerro Rico…
Do you want to travel Bolivia in 12 days? See what I saw in La Paz, Tiwanaku, Copacabana, Isla del Sol, Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Cerro Rico mines, Sucre, and Santa Cruz. Mountain bike the death road and go inside the mines of Cerro Rico. See some of the... Read more

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