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Peru & Bolivia 2015

Peru & Bolivia 2015

Videos November 15, 2019 0

Travelling around… Canon 7D GoPro Hero 3 Music: Beirut – Vagabond Likes: 2 Viewed: 248 source Read more
Bolivia lower third

Bolivia lower third

Videos November 9, 2019 0

Client: Beyond Agency: Umbrella Production company: Umbrella Likes: 2 Viewed: 55 source Read more
Bolivia, a network of women
A journey to Bolivia to meet those women’s associations that work with fair trade. Interviews with Martha Poma, vicepresident of Bolivian senate, Bertha Blanco, councillor of El Alto and Roberta Boscoso, ex-minister of commerce. The video has been realized with the support of Regione Veneto within its project Veneto... Read more
This is a summary of one of the most amazing experiences you could ever have on a motorcycle. After many long days in the saddle riding some of the most spectacular but challenging terrain in South America we were rewarded with this, the Salt Pans of Uyuni – Bolivia,... Read more
In this light you look like Poseidon – En este luz te ves como Poseidon: Bolivia’s first 9a on 3900m in El Eden near Potosì.
“In this light you look like Poseidon” is Bolivias’s first 9a, the second one on the Altiplano on almost 4000m, the fourth one in Latin America. I could send it after some ten tries in a once-in-a-lifetime perfect rush one month before the end of our five months trip... Read more
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – Where to Next?
The Salar de Uyuni has to be on everyone’s bucket list. ��️�� Facebook: @journecology Twitter: @journecology Insta: @journecology YouTube: Likes: 4 Viewed: 111 source Read more
Chile y Bolivia

Chile y Bolivia

Videos August 5, 2019 0

Vídeo gravado em uma viagem de 15 dias pelo Chile e Bolivia, em fevereiro de 2014. A primeira parte é uma animação feita no After Effects, como parte de um trabalho final para a disciplina de Pós Produção Digital, da Universidade Carlos III de Madrid. A montagem do vídeo... Read more
Perú, Bolivia y Chile
Realizado por Godo CdF 720p Música : Summer Camp – Losing My Mind (St. Étienne Remix) Likes: 3 Viewed: 705 source Read more
La Paz, Bolivia 拉巴斯, 玻利維亞
At an elevation of roughly 3700 m above sea level, La Paz is the highest capital city, or more accurate, the highest seat of government, in the world. The city is built in a canyon created by the Choqueyapu River (now mostly built over), which runs northwest to southeast.... Read more
Water & Salt (Lake Titicaca to Bolivia)
Come join in the journey through Lake Titicaca and Bolivia into the altiplano and the world’s largest salt flats. Likes: 3 Viewed: 325 source Read more

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